The Canadians are coming and bringing us amazing Poutines!! Welcome to Air Canada Poutinerie a Popup in Washington DC open for limited time November 9 -15, 12pm-10pm. Why does an airline have a restaurant pop-up you ask? Mostly, why not! It generated quite a buzz in DC with long lines every day. Plus this is a great way to highlight all the different destination Air Canada flies too. Poutine is what we call loaded fries in the USA, but way better and might be a good reason for them to invade us. Bring us the freedom of Poutine! 10 Different poutines give you 10 reasons you must check out this place before its gone. This dish originally came from Quebec province of Canada, where French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy. Cost wise it was pretty much, and you get a single serving for $5 and $4 drinks. Plus, most of the Poutines are Gluten Free, and many can be requested as vegetarian. Depending if gravy or sauce have meat in them. After trying an entire menu, we wish they flew to more cities so we could try more different kind of dishes. Here is our list of all their poutine rated from OMG NOM to not so nomnom

How does it Work?

Be prepared for a long line, this popup is open for a minimal time, and the line was quite long. Best not too arrive at lunch or dinner time and try to get there at off-peak hours. We got there around 6 pm and were able to get in after 30 minutes. They let people in in batches as not to have a crazy packed place. When you get in you are then given a flight ticket to simulate boarding a plane. Sadly the line is not over yet. Next, you will get into order line which goes very quick.

After you place an order, they will give you a number that is similar to the plane seat. However seating is not assigned, and its first come first serve basis. We recommend your tallest friend watch out for anyone getting ready to move and claim that spot. Make sure to order everything you want in one go or else you will have to go through order line all over again.

1. Montreal’s Classic (5 NOMs)

The classic is always better! Montreal’s Classic as its name says is the traditional Poutine from Quebec. Fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Though we got to say its all about the gravy here.

2. Toronto’s the Six (5 NOMs)

The Canadians sure know their sweet potato fries. This was one of our favorites because of its great combination of sweet with maple mustard and savory pork belly and cheese curds.

3. London’s Corner Fish & Chips (4 NOMs)

Great take on Fish and Chip. We really liked the combination with malt vinegar fries and caper tartar gravy. This might just be better then Fish and Chip from London.

4. Sao Paulo’s Sweet Chimi Churrasco (5 NOMs)

You can’t have a fusion dish without a Latin influence like combining together sweet potatoe fries, grilled carne asada, green chimichurri, and queso blanco. A perfect combiation to take you on a flight.

5. Seoul’s Twice The Spice Kimchi (4 NOMs)

Our first try of Asian influence Poutine. The Kimchi is a perfect combination with fries, its the texture and a kick all in one place. Of course it’s not right unless there is some Sriracha, though in this case Sriracha Gravy!

6. Mumbai’s Baked & Buttered (4 NOMs)

This truly represented India well with tender butter chicken and paneer cheese. It had a very distinct and unique flavor we fell in love with.

7. Paris’ Brasserie Born Braised Beef (4 NOMs)

Fries and mushrooms always go great together and here it created a great combination with braised beef and horseradish cream.

8. Rome’s Eternal City Eggplant (4 NOMs)

Can you say Poutine in an Italian accent? Eggplant with Napoletana sauce went great with mozzarella cheese and garlic fries.

9. Shanghai’s Neon Street BBQ (4 NOMs)

So great to see another Asia inspired Poutine with Chinese influence. The BBQ Pulled Pork, Hoisin Gravy, Sesame Seeds and Vegetable Slaw made for a great combination.

10. Dubai’s Late Night Shawarma (3 NOMs)

Great taste bud discovery the combination of chicken shawarma and fries with Tzatziki Garlic Gravy. The flavor profile was a bit lower, so this wasn’t one of our favorites. However, we finished the whole thing, so we still enjoyed it.

First Class 3D Experience

Along with tasty food Air Canada also set up a virtual experience where you can try First Class or if you feel super classy Couch. You get to try playing games, ordering food, and even eating it. Most people, start throwing their food and plates at other passengers. This is one of those rare cases where you won’t get United Airline experience of being dragged off the plane or tazerd. The 3D Headset works with glasses just fine. Don’t skip this very fun experience!

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10 Reasons You Must Visit Air Canada Poutinerie Popup
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