Grill Cobb Salad from Le Pain Quotidien

Grill Cobb Salad @ Le Pain Quotidien

Going green with greens. Got to get our veggies in and this is a great way to do it. So munch veggie green going on in this salad. Comes with spinach leaves, tomatoes, avocado and so much more we can't really t...
Ensalada Del Chef salad from Mi Rancho

Ensalada Del Chef salad @ Mi Rancho

Green is rainbow. Its so colorful. Love the big pieces of avocado mixed with cheese, tomatoes and other veggie goodies. Grilled chicken really hit the spot. So soft and flavorful. www.miranchotexmexrestauran...
Penang Satay from Karma

Penang Satay @ Karma (CLOSED)

karma stick em up! Getting some Indian food in Rio, Gaithersburg. Chicken on a stick is so much better then normal chicken. Love the peanut dipping sauce for satay chicken. It made everything taste so much bett...
Wasabi Mayonnaise from Trader Joe's

Wasabi Mayonnaise @ Trader Joe’s

Wassaub! I didn't know there is such a thing as Wasabi Mayonnaise. Trader Joe's always have some very exciting foodie things. This was great on burgers and hot dogs. Adds a nice mayo with a kick. So much kick. ...
Masak Nenas from Karma

Masak Nenas @ Karma (CLOSED)

What the pineapple? its chicken curry cooked inside a pineapple. There is so much chicken, red peppers and pineapple chunks that you can barely see half of the pineapple shell underneath. Such a crazy flavor co...
Sneakers Cheesecake from Hollywood Diner

Sneakers Cheesecake $5 @ Hollywood Diner (CLOSED)

CAAAAKE time! I wanted cake so much that I just had get some. Oh god that thing is so thick and soft with chunks of sneakers on top. What a great flavor combination. Its so thick and heavy that you should split...
GOB Sandwich from Bethesda Market

GOB Sandwich $10 @ Bethesda Market

I gob gob gobit up. Hitting up a wine store for some sandwiches. Always nice to get those two things from one place. Oh how thick is that? Thick Thick Thick layer of turkey with super crunchy bacon. Also packin...
Caribbean Jerk Wings from Buffalo Wild Wing

Caribbean Jerk Wings @ Buffalo Wild Wing

Don't jerk it too much. Its so jerked that it might be a bit too spicy. Wing tuesday is perfect time to stop by this place for some cheaper wings. ...
Seaweed Salad from Maki Maki

Seaweed Salad @ Maki Maki

Kat has my salad. Aww look at this cute bowl. Comes with a nice and light seaweed salad. Just love it. What a great way to snack before foodie adventure in one of our favorite sushi places in Bethesda. www....
New Jack Zing Burger from Ray's Hell Burgers

New Jack Zing Burger @ Ray’s Hell Burger

Another attempt to confirm suppose DC's best burger place. Sadly another unimpressive burger. It just didn't have that special bam this place suppose to have. Add to the fail foodie trip the waiter kept on gett...
Devilish Eggs Combo from Founding Farmers

Devilish Eggs Combo $14 @ Founding Farmers

There is a devil in me. Or about to me ones I eat all of this. Going combo gets you to try different deviled eggs with salmon, lobster, crab meat and regular. There is so much lobster and crab meat, those thing...
Lobster Mac n Cheese from Founding Farmers

Lobster Mac n Cheese $28 @ Founding Farmers

Beauty is in a bite of the dish. Such a beautiful dish, I feel sad disturbing the presentation. First bite in you could see the joy on my face. Its one of the most nomnom Macs in town. Its a perfect crunchy and...