A vegetarian dish that even this big meat lover just can’t get enough of, veggie for one meal with Spinach Tofucakes & Noodles from Mark’s Kitchen, an Asian-American fusion restaurant in Takoma Park. We are big meat lovers, I mean we can consume 1 pound beef patty burger in one bite. Though we are also big fans of vegan/vegetarian food, especially from this restaurant. Fear not, they also have some great meaty goodnesses, but now we mostly come for our veggie fix. The tofucakes tasted divine, so soft and yet flavourful. You really haven’t had tofu until you had this dish. Still, can’t believe they were able to make it so good. The secret is that it also mixed with red pepper, spring onion, and shitake mushroom. All that goodness served on top of brown rice with Raspberry Soy Sauce. That’s so mind and taste buds blowing and tasted, unlike anything we had before. No surprise this is one of our most favorite places in the DC area. Got some amazing sweet potatoes as a side dish. Really really wish they had a bigger serving. That’s one small problem I have with this place, side orders tend to be a bit small. I know we probably don’t need more, but FEED ME! I guess we should say something about the noodles which were also great and very enjoyable. Not the cheapest dish with a $17 price tag, but whole lot of good food. You can order the Spinach Tofucakes as its own dish for $10, but really why do that when you can also get some yummy noodles. A perfect dish for any vegetarian, vegan or even meat lover out there.

www.markskitchen.com / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp
7006 Carroll Ave Takoma Park, MD 20912
Best Day to Go Vegetarian, Spinach Tofucakes @ Mark's Kitchen
5.0NOM Score

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