Burger King now has an Impossible Whopper that makes things more possible for vegans and vegetarians, as well as meat lovers who enjoy going meatless. Watch out meat; there is a replacement that is widely available be for low cost on every corner. We are no strangers to plant-based meats like Impossible Food’s burger as a regular visitor to the Counter and their custom build Impossible Burger. Use the whopper finder to order one near you.

We were very excited to try the brand new addition that is now available nationwide in all the locations. Fast food places often overlook vegans and vegetarians, and now this is changing with more chains adding more inclusive options like this. Just in case you, not familiar, Impossible Burger is made by Impossible Foods. Their goal is to create a realistic taste substitute for meat. All the great flavors and inclusive of everyone regardless of dietary restrictions with no environmental impact. After all, who said you have to sacrifice the taste for the good of the planet. We are big gans of this scientific marvel and regularly order it from the Counter, you can read the full review and watch us eat here.

First Thoughts 4/5 NOMs

Burger King went all-in with Impossible Whopper roll out. The entire place is covered in posters and with new green crowns to match the wrapping. Which of course we had to wear since we are the King Nomster. We are not a burger king regular so our comparison might not be as precise, but we are Impossible Burger regulars. Now let’s unwrap the green wrapping and bite right into this new Impossible Whopper.

We got to be honest here, and this is a very fast food looking burger the good thing it does not disappoint in taste. The patty tastes very meat-like and goes very well with the sauce which we assume is vegan mayo. If we didn’t know any better, we would think we are eating a regular meat burger. The patty is well done, which is a standard for Burger King. You might wonder why that’s important in a plant-based burger? Well, what makes the Impossible Burger so unique is that it bleeds. You can prepare it any way you like. We used to eat it more medium, but this works too. As not a Burger King regular, we were quite surprised how well the buns complemented the burger. They are so soft and light that the patty able to shine through.

One thing to remember which we forgot is that this Whopper is for vegans, which means no cheese. Make sure to order it if you miss one as we did; it makes so much better. Plus the patty is thinner but broader with sauce on top, pickles, tomatoes, and letters — all this between some very soft and delicious patties. With every bite, we couldn’t get enough and even knowing its not a real thing, and it still tastes just like it. This is by far, one of the best tasting fast food burgers regardless if it has meat or not.

Final Thoughts

The big question, would we eat this again? Of course and we have now a few time to make sure that we liked it as well as a way to improve the order which you can read about later. Now we don’t regularly go to fast food places, but next time we are on a road trip, at the airport, train station, or somewhere late with no restaurants open. We are happy to say there are a good-tasting and less guilt alternative.

Double it, Better Order 5/5 NOMs

You may ask why is it 4 NOMs? Mostly because we were missing the cheese and felt that one patty is just not enough to truly enjoy the beauty of Impossible Burger. So the best way to fix this is to ask for cheese and double the patty!! With that extra thickness, you can enjoy the burger even with flavors coming through much stronger. After all these size queens are always in for bigger and thicker meat.

Impossible Foods
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Burger King
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Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, More is Possible at Fast Food
4.0NOMs Score

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