Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut $3 @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore

Food Truck Battle Royal DC vs Baltimore Gathering Event in Baltimore

Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck All bow down to the queen of all bacon things the Bacon Donut from Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore, a city not too far from DC. HOLY BACON GODS!!!! Hands down one of our most favorite dishes during Gathe...
Tripletas Sandwich from Borinquen Lunch Box

Friday is a New Sandwich Food Truck Fun Day at Truckeroo

Crabwich @ Feelin Crabby Truck Do you feel crabby? You just might with one of the best crab sandwiches in town. Its a giant crab cake seasoned to perfection with excellent dipping sauce on top of soft lightly flavored buns. Pretty simple, with not too much go...
Fruit Bowl from Vie De France Cafe

Tasting up across the state line with Taste of Reston

Crab Cake @ McCormick & Schmick's WOW that is one very nomnom crab cake sandwich! Cranchy on the outside and crabby goodness on the inside. One very big crab sandwich, size of my face. Worth all the tickets we paid for it. I want more!!!! Great stop @ Taste...
Caramel Popcorn from Stella's Popkern

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Food Trucks at Trucko De Mayo 2012

Thai Ice Tea @ Sang On Wheels Truck Lets drink some sweetness. Mhhh this was an excellent thai ice tea. It had a nice light sweet and spices. Always great to have a drink with a nice kick to it. Great drink we got to enjoy during Trucko De Mayo. www.sangon...
Warm Mexican Chocolate Tart from Birch & Barley

Multi Course Dinner at Birch & Barley DC Restaurant Week

House-Cured Sardines You got to love those sardines, the sauce, confit lemon, and pennants was a great mixture. it's a very small dish, more like super tiny. Hard to split with friends or eat by yourself. Great dish to enjoy during DC's Restaurant Week 2012. ...
Maine Lobster Roll from Red Hook Lobster Truck

Friday Food Truck Fun Day at Truckeroo

Tacos @ TaKorean Truck Taco time!!! It better be taco time after an hour of standing in line to order. You get to choose between three different proteans and knowing us, we just went with all three Steak Taco, Tangy Chicken and Caramelized Tofu. They are know...
Chef's Stations at Top Chef Tour in Eastern Market Washington DC

I am Guest Judge on Top Chef National Tour!

This above and beyond exiting, I was invited as a guest judge on Top Chef Tour at their stop in Eastern Market, Washington DC. At this event, two former participants of Top Chef Carla Hall and Ariane Duarte face head to head at a Quickfire-style challenge. Car...
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