Who knew meatless burger could taste so meaty! Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland, is now home to a brand new vegan burger place, PLNT Burger, located inside Whole Foods. At first, we didn’t realize this is a vegan restaurant. Even the name didn’t hit us. We are cute this way. All the burgers looked and smelled so juicy!

Fake meats are taking the DC food scene by storm with more places offering vegan and vegetarian options. It’s great to see the world taking more steps toward sustainable consumption and inclusivity. No longer are vegetarians and vegans are an afterthought with some boring dishes. Instead, now people can enjoy the same taste regardless of their dietary preferences. Of course, if you like the meaty taste.

This 100% vegan place offers Beyond Meat meatless patties prepared so well that even these meat-lovers can’t get enough. It’s great to be at the place that is snob free and doesn’t try to force you into eating healthier by depriving you of the flavors you love. We are no strangers to eating the meat substitute with many visits to restaurants that serve Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger.

About PLNT Burger

You might be wonder, what is PLNT Burger? Well, it’s a brand new fast-casual burger restaurant that just opened inside Silver Spring’s Whole Foods. They might be a newcomer, but they are coming in strong. Other burger places should take notice. PLNT Burger’s goal is to create a beautifully crafted burger that brings joy to people and encourages the change in the world. They want and achieved the creation of a burger noming experience that tastes great regardless of your dietary preferences with no sacrifices.

DBL PLNT Burger (5/5 NOMs)

Just look at this beauty, if we didn’t know any better, it looks like a real thing. Burger look, smell, and tastes like a real thing. So juicy, so meaty, and so delicious. We are size queens in all things, so we had to order their double burger. Just because we eating meatless doesn’t mean we don’t want a thick piece of meat in our mouth. Plus to two patties this DBL PLNT Burger includes Vegan American cheese by FOLLOW YOUR Heart, which had a strong flavor and texture that comes through strong and tasted a bit like craft cheese. You can buy this cheese right at Whole Foods the burger place is in. The meaty goodness comes with some standard burger toppings like tomato, lettuce, and pickles. There wasn’t a moment that made us pause and say, “oh, that tastes fake.” Every bite brought us happy nomster joys, and we couldn’t wait to take another bite. Halfway through, we started to slow down and realize this is one very filling burger that we might have trouble finishing.

Another great thing about this burger is its price of $10. It’s surprisingly low for a meatless burger. Many restaurants charge about $15 or more for similar meatless burgers. They even got bacon fans covered with an option to add mushroom bacon to any order for an extra $2. The mushroom bacon might be the only thing that didn’t taste like a real thing. However, it was mostly because two Beyond Meat patties and cheese had such a strong flavor they completely dominated every bite. Not really a bad thing since it tasted so good.

PLNT Mushroom Bacon BBQ Burger (5/5 NOMs)

Just in case the double the meaty goodness is too much, then PLNT Mushroom Bacon is for you. This burger has all the great things that come with a double burger. A single patty, cheese, and minus the veggies. Who needs more veggies when we are already eating our meat veggies? We don’t really miss them since all the veggie toppings get overpowered by the Beyond Meat in DBL Burger. It comes topped with deep-fried onions, bloomies that make this one amazing burger. The BBQ sauce adds a nice light sweet flavor that compliments the Beyond Meat patty. Price-wise the burger is $8.25, which is a great price and the same as any other nearby burger joints.

Tasty Sides

It’s not a burger joint without some fries! At PLNT Burger, they offer excellent Herbed Fries and Sweet Potatoe Fries (Small $3, Large $4). You can also order a bloomies, which is a deep-fried onion cut to resemble a flower. We ordered all three and regretted nothing about these decisions. Since we are eating a plant-based burger, it’s totally healthy. Right? There are several great dipping sauces available for you, from savory to sweet.

Chocolate Vegan Shake (5/5 NOMs)

This milkshake brings all the vegan boys to the yard! The first slurp was our first time trying a chocolate milkshake with oat milk, and it was amazing. We are definitely a fan. It barely tasted any difference from a regular milkshake. Cost-wise again, it’s not much different from other burger joints with $6 for small and $7 for large. Again, we are size queen and always going for large.

Order Delivery

Great news for those who live too far from Whole Foods or just lazy. You can now order your PLNT Burger delivered right to your door on Uber Eats with a $1 delivery fee and wait time of 15-25 minutes. You can also order delivery from Grubhub with free delivery, $5 off valid orders, and 35-45 minutes waittime. Eating delicious vegan burgers has never been this easy.

Inside Whole Foods, 833 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910
plntburger.com / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp / Uber Eats / Grubhub
Find a Perfect Vegan Burger for Meat Lover Friends at PLNT Burger
5.0NOMs Score

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