Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar in Washington DC

Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar in Washington DC

Welcome to Game of Thrones Popup Bar right here in Washington DC where you can take a trip all around Westeros and Essos brought to you by the amazing people of The Drink Company in Shaw/U Street. Same people who brought to you Mario Brothers and Cherry Blos...
Mason Dixon Mojito $12 @ 8407 Kitchen at Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Mason Jar Alcoholism with Dixon Mojito @ 8407 Kitchen (CLOSED)

Forget mimosas at Sunday brunch and instead go for Mason Dixon Mojito Jar drink at our favorite 8407 Kitchen Bar in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's city like a suburb. Their drink menu just called out to us and this drink caught our eye. Specifically, this very ...
Root Beer Float @ Thunder Beast at Taste of DC

Root Beer Float @ Thunder Beast at Taste of DC

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder drink! Exploring the root beer floats at Taste of DC 2014. I knew about beer microbrew but never encountered a root beer one. Get ready to be amazed! There was the choice of ordering a just normal root beer, but the guy at the booth c...
Thai Iced Coffee @ Thai Market

Thai Iced Coffee @ Thai Market

Ones drink thai, you will be addicted with this thai iced coffee from an Asian market in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Its like sweetness punch, first sip in and BAM your taste buds will explode. Its so sugary strong and unique you won't know if y...
Mango lassi from Spice 6

Mango Lassi $3 @ Spice 6

Mango smoothie!! Always excited to enjoy Lassi a traditional Indian yogurt based drink. Its so smooth and savory, perfect to cool down your mouth while enjoying nice spicy food. Taste a little yogurty, but not too much that allows mango flavor to come through....
Chocolate Bubble Tea from Jumbo Jumbo Bubble Tea Express

Chocolate Bubble Tea @ Jumbo Jumbo Bubble Tea Express

Its so bubbly!!!! If you go to a place called Bubble Tea Express, you must try their bubble tea. One sip and bang super chocolate flavor attack. Very smooth and not too sweet this is one of the best bubble tea's we've had. We can't wait to go back and try all ...
Coconut from Villa Escudero Philippines

Whole Coconut @ Waterfalls Restaurant at Villa Escudero Philippines

You can enjoy the whole coconut cut right in front of you at Waterfalls Restaurant at Villa Escudero, one f the must visit places in Philippines. A farm where they grow fresh coconut, you just have to try and enjoy one or two. They are so massive that you migh...
Lynchee Mango Duo from Abe Manila Philippines

Lynchee Mango Duo $4 @ Abe in Alabang Town Center Philippines

Get blasted away with a perfect smoothie Lynchee Mango Duo from Abe an upscale Filipino restaurant in Alabang Town Center Philippines. Always a fun drink at every place during our trip in Manila Philippines. very big glass of nomnom drink for just $4 (145 Peso...
Mimosas from Tabard Inn

Brunch Mimosas @ Tabard Inn

It might not be Dornish, but it does the trick. What brunch can go without some sparkling mimosas? I really like how more fruity juicy it is then champagne. I'm usually not a fan of champagne, but this was very tasty. Great choice for your brunching adventure....
Lemonade from Community Canteen

Lemonade @ Community Canteen

You are the weakest link. With no fountain drinks and only bottled soda I decided to try something different and order their lemonade. One of the weakest lemonades I've had in a while. There was only slight hint of lemonadeness. More like lemonadless. Probably...
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Eggnog Shake @ BGR

Tis the season to be hoggy, la la la, la la la! Another great addition for the winter holiday season goodies. Bring on the egg nog, its like bacon goes well in any form. You can really taste egg nog and vanilla ice cream with every sip. Its pretty thick so mak...
Soda from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Sodas @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

Not your store bought stuff. They make their own fun flavors sodas. they go above and beyond to create a unique noming experience. I really enjoyed exploring few different flavors they offer. Pineapple is my favorite so far. Can’t go wrong with this dish at th...
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