Late Night

Brie Cheese Sandwich from Sugar Cafe New York City

Brie Cheese Sandwich $10 @ Sugar Cafe

Cheesefy me! I just couldn't pass by the brie sandwich noming in New York City. I don't think I've had brie sandwich like this before. Just look at that extreme over cheesyness! It doesn't come with bacon, but ...
Deep Fried PB&J Sandwich from Concrete Bar New York City

Deep Fried PB&J Sandwich $10 @ Concrete Bar

OMG DEEP FRIED PB&J!!!!! Now thats the way to deep fry my foodie mind while in New York City Hell's Kitchen. One of the most amazing things I've ever tasted. Crunchy deep fried goodness on the outside and soft ...
Angus Burger from Concrete Bar New York City

Angus Burger $9 @ Concrete Bar in New York City

Time for some late night drinks and amazing Angus Burger from Concrete Bar in New York City. This was the best burger I've ever tasted!!! Got to get some burger noming while in New York City Hell's Kitchen area...
Bison Burger from Funxion

Bison Burger $9 @ Funxion (CLOSED)

Time for a new foodie place opening. Brand new location doing test run of their special menu prepared by Nutritionist/Food Science specialist. This burger only has under 500 calories with 8g fat. Great burger w...
Expressoteeny from Zinc Bistro

Expressoteeny @ Zinc Bistro

Getting our first drink on San Antonio noming adventure. If you are in the mood for something on a weird side then you need to try Expresoteeny, a coffee alcoholic drink. Combine express and alcohol, now thats ...
Portabello Patty Melt from Zinc Bistro

Portabello Patty Melt $8 @ Zinc Bistro

Time for some San Antonio sandwich noming. It was kind of small and not filling. I was still hungry and ate my friend's fries. Included sautéed lemon spinach, nopalitos, Texas sweet onions and Swiss cheese. ...
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