Dracula Sandwich from Roy's Place

Dracula Sandwich @ Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

Does it bite? Dracula does like his sausages. Going with #118 order from menu with over 200 different and unique sandwiches. Got to try them all. Two giant polish sausages wrapped in bacon on white bread and some coleslaw. Get ready to unhinge your jaw to fit ...
Fried Egg Ham Bacon and Cheese Bagel from Georgetown Bagelry

Fried Egg Ham Bacon and Cheese Bagel @ Georgetown Bagelry

Great way to start your day is with breakfast bagel and hot chocolate. Especially on a cold day. Real fried eggg with a nice thick piece of ham and bacon strips. Mhhh so cheesy and good! ...
Mud Pie from Chadwick's

Mud Pie @ Chadwick’s

the pie of death! It kind of looks like mud pie. A giant piece of soft creamy goodness. This thing is so massive that you just can't finish it by yourself. Great to share with friends. ...
Kansas Steak Caesar Salad from Chadwick's

Kansas Steak Caesar Salad @ Chadwick’s

In Kansas steak is a salad. Sometimes we do eat salads, but it does come with a whole lot of steak. What makes this a great salad are the french onions and sun dried tomatoes. A nice sweet and crunchy with a hint of blue cheese flavor combination. www.chad...
VietFlare Rice Special from Pho Viet Flare

VietFlare Rice Special @ Pho Viet Flare

Its all about the pork. Such a great dish, comes with so many different things. One type of pork is just not enough so this comes with four different ones BBQ sliced pork, julian pork, steamed pork cake, and pork sausages. Make sure to get a little bit of ever...
Pulled Pork and Mac & Cheese from Urban Bar-B-Que Company

Pulled Pork and Mac & Cheese @ Urban Bar-B-Que Company

Can I pull my mac? Time to try Rockville's best BBQ place. Extremely soft and tender pieces of pork with mostly meat and a little bit of fatty goodness. Doesn't taste like there too much sauce, nice and light. Comes with a choice of a side and can never pass u...
Soul Roll from Urban Bar-B-Que Company

Soul Roll @ Urban Bar-B-Que Company

It has a soul. Deep fried rolls stuffed with meat and cheese. It comes with its very own meat dipping sauce. Sauce made out of meat? How awesome is that. Make sure to share this with a friend or just might gain 10 pounds. ...
Rabbit Stew from Bistro Du Coin

Rabbit Stew $18 @ Bistro Du Coin

My food went hippity hoppity. Is it evil to eat a super cute animal? lets just not think about it. You get a big and very tender rabbit leg, meat just falls off the bone. Prepared in super creamy mustard sauce with potatoes, carrots, onions, and mushrooms. Suc...
French Onion Soup from Bistrot Du Coin

Gratinee Des Halles $8 @ Bistrot Du Coin

In France, french is the way to go. Look at all that cheesy goodness, so much cheese its overflowing. With a nice meat broth and a whole tone of onions. There is more onions then the actually soupy stuff. You haven't had a french onion soup until you had this....
Boeuf Facon Bistrot from Bistrot Du Coi

Boeuf Facon Bistrot $19 @ Bistrot Du Coi

Best fries are french. Giant pieces of grilled beef with some veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes, red onions and zucchinis. Served with the side of what could be some of the bets french fries in town. Also comes with a side of salad and great dressing. Kind o...
Turkish Pizza from Mediterranean Grill

Turkish Pizza @ Mediterranean Grill

Tiny pizza appetizers. That is the most un-pizza looking pizza. Look more like open rolls. Nice little tomato sauce flavor on the inside. Served with a yummy tzatziki cucumber yogurt dip. I can dip anything into it. ...
Swordfish Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Swordfish Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

My food has a sword. Kind of with it was a bit sharper. It was a bit bland and left my tommy wishing for more. Even french fries tasted like nothing was there. ...
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