Let’s catch some pizza anchovies at one of our favorite pizza places in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie neighborhood. Get ready to bite into a pizza with a very strong flavor. Olives, garlic, and anchovies create a refreshing salty flavor. It’s like its too salty, but then it’s not. My taste buds were very confused and intrigued; they wanted more. So light on the sauce combined with thing crust and you can taste all the toppings. A rare thing for red pizza. A big plus for me since I am not a big fan of tomato sauce. We went for the massive large pie because they go fat or go home. So big that even two of us could barely finish half. Next time make sure to bring some extra hungry help. Defiantly a must try pizza for all those who like weird and strange flavors.


Napoletana Pizza $26 @ Pete's New Haven Silver Spring
3.6NOM Score

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