Capitol Hill

Brown Sugar Pop Tarts from Ted's Bulletin

Brown Sugar Pop Tarts @ Ted’s Bulletin

We are all pop and up. We came here for two things, pop tarts and milkshakes. That makes best lunch ever! Love this sweet multi layers of popolicisness. Super sweet and soft, perfect dessert or in our case lunch. I'm so coming back, especially for bacon pop ta...
Smores Milkshake from Ted's Bulletin

S’mores Milkshake $7 @ Ted’s Bulletin

It brings all foodies to the yard. We came here for two things and two things only, homemade pop tarts and milkshakes. Damn it was so thick I had a hard time sucking it. The only drawback that it didn't really taste s'more and more of chocolate, that's why it'...
Dragon and Phoenix from Young Chow

Dragon and Phoenix $13 @ Young Chow

It always rise from ashes. Let's mix two best things General Tso's Chicken with Hot & Spicy Shrimp! Chicken was amazing!!! I didn't really think Hot & Spicy Shrimp was all that hot & spicy, but the sauce was still very good. ...
Drunken Noodle Thai Style from Young Chow

Drunken Noodle Thai Style $11 @ Young Chow

Lets get drunk. Well, sadly this won't make you drunk, but maybe just make your taste buds a bit tipsy. I was craving some simple soft flat noodles and this dish fully satisfied my cravings. Pork was very well prepared. Portion was generous too, I was fool. Gr...
Egg Drop Soup from Young Chow

Egg Drop Soup $2 @ Young Chow

Soupy eggs. Excellent egg drop soup prepared exactly the way I like them, very thick eggy gooey soup. Great way to start lunch or dinner. ...
Yellow Curry Jumbo Shrimp from Young Chow

Yellow Curry Jumbo Shrimp $12 @ Young Chow

How curry is your curry? Felt more like a seafood dish with some sauce rather then curry. I'm used to my curry been a bit spicier and with more liquid. Still this was a good dish that had a great flavor combination with shrimp and veggies. Maybe just not curry...
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