Polenta Pasta from Graffiato

Polenta Pasta $10 @ Graffiato

Does ground maize polenta counts as pasta? Great spicy meatballs dish with soft egg. Polenta makes for a very strange and not pasta like texture. Excellent dish of super nomnom. Enjoyed the sunny side up gooey egg on top. Pop it and make sure to enjoy a little...
Montelvini Prosecco from Graffiato

Montelvini Prosecco $7 @ Graffiato

Ever had sparkly wine on tap? Thank you one of our nomster fans @Naritai for introducing me to this nomnom drink! Kind of weird and cool how it's on tap and not from the bottle. Great brand new foodie location. ...
Jersey Shore Pizza from Graffiato

Jersey Shore Pizza $15 @ Graffiato

Pump your fists like its the Jersey Shore. Fried calamari of awesomeness!!!! I think Snooky would totally approve, Contains with cherry pepper aioli, fried calamari, provolone, and tomatoes. very big order compared to most of their small dish tapas style nomin...
Like Spicy Souvlaki Cobb Salad from Chop't

Like Spicy Souvlaki Cobb Salad $10 @ Chop’t Chinatown

got to eat your salads, they ate health! Great new salad in this fun chopping place with only 470 calories. I highly recommend it! Comes packed with cucumbers, romaine lettuce, fried onion, tomato, natural lemon pepper chicken, feta cheese and Spicy Harissa dr...
Lo Mein from Chinatown Express

Lo Mein @ Chinatown Express

Combine all my meat. These are some very long noodles, great way to welcome Chinese New Year. Yay for combination with all the meaty choices. ...
Crab Rangoon from Mings

Crab Rangoon @ Mings

Rangoon dynasty is in power. Just got to try some Chinese food in DC's Chinatown. First look and they look impressive. Six very large crunchy rangoons. They are pretty hard, you might need extra bite to get through. When you do, you get the super creemy and cr...
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