Penn Quarter

Lamb Meatballs Sandwich from Meatballs

Mini Lamb Meatballs Sandwich $7 @ Meatballs (CLOSED)

I like good balls! Those are some good balls. I like that I could get my balls (LOL) with Alfredo sauce and frito's. Lamb actually cost extra $4 so if you want to save money, then stick to other balls choices. God I can't stop saying balls! BALLS! www.yelp....
Lobster Burger from Central Michel Richard

Lobster Burger $30 @ Central Michel Richard

Fancy not always amazing. Got to try this amazing place. I was very excited to try their most expensive burger, but was a bit disappointed. I guess I was expecting more for $30. More in size and flavors. I know most fancy restaurants have small portions, but s...
Bison Burger from Funxion

Bison Burger $9 @ Funxion (CLOSED)

Time for a new foodie place opening. Brand new location doing test run of their special menu prepared by Nutritionist/Food Science specialist. This burger only has under 500 calories with 8g fat. Great burger with full of flavor and nice soft texture. I had pl...
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