College Park

Kotopita Greek Chicken Pie from Plato's Diner

Kotopita Greek Chicken Pie $8 @ Plato’s Diner

Its pie in burrito form! Super crunchy dough on the outside and creamy chicken on the inside. I love how creamy gooey it was on the inside, reminded me of tuna salad, but with chicken. Halfway, I started to question my ability to finish it, but it was so good ...
Nacho Burger from Bobby's Burger Palace College Park

Nacho Burger $7 @ Bobby’s Burger Palace

Burger no burger. I don't know it seemed kind of weak and flimsy. Funny, a random costumer neighbor said "wow that is just flimsy." Needed more sauce for sure! Meat party was so small compared to the buns, it was just off. I was surpassingly disappointed for B...
Coconut Milkshake from Bobby's Burger Palace

Coconut Milkshake $5 @ Bobby’s Burger Palace

Bobby's milkshakes bring all hungry nomsters to the yard! Oh this was deliciously coconuty. I recommend exploring their selection, this one is very light and not too much taste. ...
Caribbean Jerk Wings from Buffalo Wild Wing

Caribbean Jerk Wings @ Buffalo Wild Wing

Don't jerk it too much. Its so jerked that it might be a bit too spicy. Wing tuesday is perfect time to stop by this place for some cheaper wings. ...
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