Ensalada Del Chef salad from Mi Rancho

Ensalada Del Chef salad @ Mi Rancho

Green is rainbow. Its so colorful. Love the big pieces of avocado mixed with cheese, tomatoes and other veggie goodies. Grilled chicken really hit the spot. So soft and flavorful. ...
Sneakers Cheesecake from Hollywood Diner

Sneakers Cheesecake $5 @ Hollywood Diner (CLOSED)

CAAAAKE time! I wanted cake so much that I just had get some. Oh god that thing is so thick and soft with chunks of sneakers on top. What a great flavor combination. Its so thick and heavy that you should split it with a friend.
Lasagna from Amici Miei

Lasagna @ Amici Miei

Lets nominate a National Lasagna Day!!! Its so fluffy soft, it will amaze your mouth. The fork goes through it like its snow. I don't usually like tomato sauce because of how strong it is, but with this dish its different. Doesn't taste like they just added it...
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