Cheese Dip from Melting Pot

Cheddar Cheese Fondue @ Melting Pot

Its all about The Game of Cheese. Are you ready for cheesedventure? Our multi course meal starts off with your choice of cheese fondue. Its like an explosion of cheesy cheddar and swiss goodness. It was so fun to dip different veggies into cheesy goodness. Our...
Dorito Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken $12 @ Quench Rockville

Dorito Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken $12 @ Quench Rockville (CLOSED)

Forget Dorito tacos when you have Dorrto Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken best of three worlds from New American Quench restaurant in Rockville, DC suburb. Just overflowing with Dorito excitement!!!! There is a new restaurant in town and we just had to try their fam...
Three Ways of Bacon from Quench

Three Ways of Bacon $8 @ Quench

The best kind of three-way is with bacon!!! Dam that those slaps of pig goodness are enormousness. So long and thick, perfect for a three-way. Perfected prepared with just the right amount of softness and light crunch house-cured bacon. Come with three very yu...
Fried Chicken Waffle $14 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Fried Chicken Waffle $14 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Rock your waffles off with some super Fried Chicken Waffles from a small plate restaurant Sugo Osteria in Rockville, DC's suburb. Many restaurants have fried chicken waffles, but none like this. Don't let the small size full you, I was barely able to finish it...
Nutella Cheesecake @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Nutella Cheesecake @ Sugo Osteria in Rockville Maryland

It's a dessert that's just too thick to handle when you eat Nutella Cheesecake from Sugo Osteria in Rockville, DC's large town suburb! That thing was so rich and heavy that I think I just ate an entire jar of Nutella awesomeness. Topped with very thick whip cr...
Steak Stack Sandwich from Zoe's Kitchen Rockville Maryland

Steak Stack Sandwich @ Zoe’s Kitchen

Don't stack them up. Every bite is a taste bud joy with soft tender steak with portobello and cheesy goodness of mozzarella. On a very light toasted sourdough. It comes with your choice of a side and I went the healthy rout and added greek salad. Didn't expect...
Dessert Nachos from Buffalo Wild WIng

Dessert Nachos $8 @ Buffalo Wild Wings Rockville

To boldly go where no nacho has gone before. Yea, you read it right, its dessert nachos. It just raised my bar for strange and exciting foods. Probably sone of the most awesome nachos I have ever tried. 4 giant Boris size crispy nachos. Topped with ice cream, ...
Sugo White Pizza $14 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Sugo White Pizza $14 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville

Prepare for pizza punch of awesomeness with this tasty White Pizza with soft scramble eggs on top from a restaurant with hot waiters Sugo Osteria Rockville, DC's suburb. This bechamel (white sauce) pizza delivers one of the most nomnom punches ever with double...
Quattro from Pizza CS

Its Sexy Cheese Party @ Pizza CS in Rockville Maryland

Its like sexy cheese party lunch for white pizza lovers with Quattro White Pizza from Pizza CS in Rockville, DC suburb. Perfect personal pizza for all the cheesiness lovers. One cheese is just not enough, so they put four different kinds of cheese. Defiantly n...
Beef Tacos from Tippy's Taco

Beef Tacos $7 @ Tippy’s Taco (CLOSED)

Bring out your hardshell!!! Its just good to enjoy nice and simple hard crunchified tacos. They are not very big tacos, so make sure to get plenty! Make sure to ask what is today's special. There is now a different nomnom special every day like 4 tacos for $5....
Bulgogi from BonChon Rockville

Bulgogi $16 @ BonChon Rockville

We are all gogi for bonchon! We were so excited to see our favorite chicken place open new location near by. After few month we just had to stop by and compare. Starting off with some Korean grilled marinated beef. That is one big entre dish, so big that even ...
Soy Garlic Wings from BonChon Rockville

Soy Garlic Wings $19 @ BonChon Rockville

Bring on the wing goodness or 20 of them. We were so excited to see our favorite chicken place open new location near by. Pretty good wings, just as crispy as other locations, but not as flavorful. It was missing the amazing soy garlic soy sauce. Hopefully in ...
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