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Mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa New York City

Mini cupcakes @ Baked by Melissa

Mini noms in my big mouth! We just got a bunch of these tiny little things. Great munching dessert while exploring streets of New York. Each has a nice unique flavor. Mini explosions of flavor. Can we just have...
Spartan Omelette from Stage Door

Spartan Omelette $9 @ Stage Door

FOR SPARTA!!!!!! I just had to order an omlette with a name like Spartan. Mhhhh Feta Cheese makes a great addition to an omelette, I really recommend ordering this. I had order extra ham topping because this di...
Fisherman's Eggs from Farm on Adderley New York

Fisherman’s Eggs $10 @ Farm on Adderley

Fished these eggs? While in New York City we just have to try the local famous brunch. Crazy long line to get into this place. I just couldn't pass on eggs Benedict with potato latkes with smoked trout. You jus...
French Toast from Farm On Adderley New York

French Toast $11 @ Farm On Adderley

French up my toasts. While in New York City we just have to try the local famous brunch. Crazy long line to get into this place. WOW apples on the French toast were amazing! Great flavor combination. Love how f...
Pate of Rabbit & Quail Livers from Luke

Pate of Rabbit & Quail Livers $8 @ Luke

Luke pated all over. We got to be their very first costumers for their brand new brunch noming adventure. Very excited to enjoy very first brunch at Chef John Besh's San Antonio water walk restaurant. Holy nomn...
Al Pastor Taco from Paloma Blanca

Al Pastor Taco $7 @ Paloma Blanca

When in Texas you taco out. Great starter for our San Antonio foodie adventure. You get three nice soft tacos with marinated pork and pineapple, garnished with fresh cilantro, onion, pineapple, lime wedges & sa...
Michelada from Palma Blanca

Michelada @ Palma Blanca

Beer mix drink? Enjoying some fun strange drink in one of the most popular mexican restaurants in San Antonio Texas. I'm not really a big fan of beers, but I just had to try this after hearing about it. This co...
Sushi Spread from Sushi Zushi

Sushi Spread @ Sushi Zushi

Eat big or go zushing. One of the most recommended sushi places in San Antonio and so we just had to test it out. It was so good we discovered a sushi face of joy. We went with as much as we could foodily possi...
Ceviche Del Mar from Paloma Blanca

Ceviche Del Mar $10 @ Paloma Blanca

Starter in a cup. Highly recommended San Antonio appetizer. Awesomelishies, fresh cooked fish with cilantro, onions and tomatoes in lime juice and olive-based marinade. All packed into a nice tall glass. Nice f...
Expressoteeny from Zinc Bistro

Expressoteeny @ Zinc Bistro

Getting our first drink on San Antonio noming adventure. If you are in the mood for something on a weird side then you need to try Expresoteeny, a coffee alcoholic drink. Combine express and alcohol, now thats ...
Pork Ribs BBQ from Black's Barbecue

Pork Ribs BBQ @ Black’s Barbecue

Its like the taste of home. Not just DC home, but home home back in Eastern Europe. This place has been around for 100 years and dam do they know how to make their BBQ. Its more on smoky side without crazy amou...
BBQ Ribs from Pat's

BBQ Ribs @ Pat’s (CLOSED)

Ribs for breakfast? Why not, lets get some famous San Antonio's Eastside BBQ. Those are some ginourmouse ribs. So much soft tender meat that just falls off the bones. They are so big that just a few can fill yo...
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