Bulgogi from Honey Pig

Bulgogi @ Honey Pig

Ones you go bulgogi you can't go back. If you go to a Korean BBQ you can't pass by ordering some nomnom marinated beef. Like all the other meaty orders, this comes with dipping sauce, banchan (standard korean sides) and lettuce. Adding some grilled rice, kimch...
Sliced Pork Belly from Honey Pig

Sliced Pork Belly @ Honey Pig

I think I'm in meat lover heaven. Get ready to eat anything and everything meat you can think of grilled right in front of you. We started with a nice order of sliced pork belly. It started to smell so good as it was prepared right there. Pork was so soft and ...
Nutella Shake from Big Buns

Secret Menu Uncovered, Nutella Milkshake @ Big Buns

Secret agents eat from this secret menu like this Nutella Milkshake from a fun new burger place Big Buns in Arlington, Virginia. White Nutella milkshake? Who cares! It's DELICIOUSLY AMAZING! Extremely rich with Nutella flavors and yet not too much. It's so ric...
Regular and Sweet Potato Fries from Big Buns

Half French & Half Sweet Potato Fries $4 @ Big Buns in Arlington

Half of excellent and half more impressive with an order of Half & Half Fries and Sweet Potato Fries from Big Buns, a new burger joint in Arlington, DC's busy suburb. No burger can go without fries, especially when its an order like this. The best way is to go...
Angus Beef Burger $8 @ Big Buns Arlington

Angus Beef Burger $8 @ Big Buns Arlington

I like big buns and I can not lie, especially this big Angus Beef burger from this new burger joint in Arlington, DC's city suburb. Its build your own burger place which always makes us so crazy happy to get our creative juices flowing. Mhhh burger juices! You...
Filet Steak $41@ Ruth's Chris Tyson

Filet Steak $41 @ Ruth’s Chris Tyson

Say hello meaty heaven when you eat a fantastic Fillet Steak from the world-famous Ruth's Chris Steak House in Tyson, DC's suburbs. Steak is not something I order on a regular bases, but when you go to Ruth's Chris, you have to. This was simply amazing! Every ...
Chocolate Sin Cake from Ruth's Chris

Chocolate Sin Cake @ Ruth’s Chris Tyson

Best sin there is! This must be like the richest dessert I've ever tasted. It was chocolate layers of super goodness. It looked so small and I thought it won't be enough, oh it is more then enough. Two people can split this and be more then satisfied. You just...
Spicy Lamb on Naan Bread from Community Canteen

Spicy Lamb Naan Bread $8 @ Community Canteen

Not a bad order with slightly different take on panini. I was expecting it to be a bit spicy per the name, spicy lam would make a nice sandwich. Sadly it wasn't spicy at all, not even a hint. I wish there was more goat cheese, majority of everything was overpo...
Lemonade from Community Canteen

Lemonade @ Community Canteen

You are the weakest link. With no fountain drinks and only bottled soda I decided to try something different and order their lemonade. One of the weakest lemonades I've had in a while. There was only slight hint of lemonadeness. More like lemonadless. Probably...
Dark Chocolate & Peach from Pitango Gelato

Dark Chocolate & Peach Gelato $5 @ Pitango Gelato

Its double the love. MHHHH love going half and half on their nomnom gelato. After tasting few flavors I went with chocolate (can never go wrong) and peach (fruty fluty). It was great to mix super rich chocolate with very sweet and light peach. Each spoonful wa...
Onion Rings from Mad Fox Brewery

Onion Rings @ Mad Fox Brewing

Larger then my face. Those are some big onion rings! Love their super size. Just one of them filled me up and I said "I'm full." Comes with great dipping sauce that I asked for more and dipped my burger and pizza into. Oh yea! Only bad thing, it tasted more li...
Country Club from Jimmy John

Country Club $7 @ Jimmy John’s Tyson

frightening fast! Oh yea sandwich of nomnoms. This time went with classical cold sandwich pick. Love the meaty combination of sliced turkey breast and applewood smoked ham on french roll. My kind of cold sandwich with great light flavor made my taste buds supe...
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