Spice up your Spanish tapas dinner with Spiced Beef Empanadas from Barcelona Wine Bar in the heart of Reston Town Center, DC’s suburb on silver line. This was by far our favorite order of the night and could be the best Empanadas in the area. Two large beefy Empanadas and you know how much we love beefy things in our mouth. So moist and flavorful that every bite was simply pure heaven. Seasoned to perfection that every bite had a nice spicy kick to it. Unlike many other places that end up overcooking and making them dry, this was very rich and soft filling. Even though this is tapas, price wise it ends up the same as most other places, but with far better quality. It was so good that we ended up ordering it four more times. After all, you can never have enough of a good thing.

Spiced Beef Empanadas $7 @ Barcelona Wine Bar in Reston Virginia
6.0NOM Score

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