Prepare for pizza punch of awesomeness with this tasty White Pizza with soft scramble eggs on top from a restaurant with hot waiters Sugo Osteria Rockville, DC’s suburb. This bechamel (white sauce) pizza delivers one of the most nomnom punches ever with double the mozzarella goodness, smoked and house made cheesiness. Love the slightly burned crunchy crust. One of the best white sauce pizzas in the area! Magic doesn’t stops yet, there are many fun tasty adds on like a yummy egg. Love the light hint of garlic. This is a tapas style restaurant, but pizzas are big enough to share and I couldn’t finish it. Happy to welcome brand new place in Rockville. Doesn’t hurt that there are lots of cute waiters work here. So make sure to stop by and try their very tasty white pizza and enjoy some eye candy waiters.

Sugo White Pizza $14 @ Sugo Osteria Rockville
4.0NOMs Score

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