Zero Zero Fried Chicken $14 @ Zero Zero San Francisco

Its Fried Chicken Explosion @ Zero Zero in San Francisco

Dam chicken you so beautiful and crunchy, I want to eat you my dear Zero Zero Fried Chicken from Zero Zero a fun bar restaurant in SoMA a San Francisco neighborhood. With the first bite, you hear the crunchy crunch! Just love all that crunch that pretty much t...
Caesar Salad $12 @ Zero Zero San Francisco

Caesar Salad $12 @ Zero Zero San Francisco

Proclaim your allegiance to your Caesar with anchovies in your salad from a fun two stories bar restaurant in SoMa a San Francisco city neighborhood. Figure we would start with something nice and simple. Turns out its far from a simple salad! That is the most ...
Corned Beef @ Carving Room at Taste of DC

Corned Beef @ Carving Room at Taste of DC

Carve up all my beef for lunch from this unique DC kitchen bar at Taste of DC 2014, this year's biggest foodie event. First look and this is one very beautiful sandwich, sure like those beefy curves. I just want to carve it all up with my mouth. Its all about ...
Rum Balls from Piratz Tavern

Rum Balls Dessert $4 @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Who doesn't like some sweet balls in their mouth, especially when they are dessert spiked with some rum in Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Oh and there is a lot of rum, tasted like a whole shot is in there. Easy to get drunk and fat off these ones. We will ne...
Great Grilled Cheese from Piratz Tavern

Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich $9 @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Walk the cheese plank maty! Exploring the grilled cheese sandwich at one of Silver Spring most amazing pirate themed bars. When it comes to drinking, its best to eat something greecy, so we can drink even more! Pirates go all in when it comes to everything and...
Grog Ice Cream from Piratz Tavern

Grog Ice Cream $4 @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Black beard would be proud of this alcoholic ice cream! Time for some nomnom desserts at Silver Spring pirate theme bar. This place is not exactly known for their food, but maybe now it should be known for their desserts. Looks just like any boring ice cream, ...
Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream Dessert @ 8407 Kitchen Bar

Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream Dessert @ 8407 Kitchen Bar Silver Spring

By the power of Greyskull this is f**ing amazing dessert at the top restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC. How in the world did they make it taste just like caramel popcorn? It was as if I'm eating a bag at the movie, but in a sweet soft ice creamy form. J...
Bacon Deviled Eggs from Piratz Tavern

Bacon Deviled Eggs @ Piratz Tavern

Not the hidden treasure you looking for in Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Big fan of deviled eggs, love eating them and love making them. They looks like deviled eggs, but didn't really taste like them. It was very bland, so bland that it was surprising how ...
Piri Piri Chicken from Piratz Tavern

Piri Piri Chicken $5 @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Arrrggggg chicken matey! Didn't know this tavern near Down Town Silver Spring has food and not just drinks. Little dish with a nice kick to it. There is a whole lot of spicy sauce, you can smell it a mile away. Not sure if that's a good thing. Kind of tasted l...
Mac n Cheese Chicken Nuggets from BlackFinn

Mac n Cheese Chicken Nuggets @ BlackFinn (CLOSED)

Oh, my nuggets!!! Forget your boring chicken nuggets and try these Mac n Cheese stuffed Fried Chicken Nuggets in Bethesda, DC foodie suburb. Or should we say balls? You know how much we love shots! Combines everything we love about chicken nuggets bready goodn...
Croquetas del Dia from Bar Gitano San Juan Puerto Rico

Croquetas del Dia $6 @ Bar Gitano

The balls of fury! Holy balls of croquetas this is one of the most nomnom dish from our tip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Crunchy outside filled with gooy cheesy goodness on the inside. Makes for a perfect dish after a day at the beach and prepare you for some dri...