Complete Guide of Our Favorite Dishes in Dublin Ireland

This year our hungry travel adventures took us to Dublin, Ireland's capital and hidden gem of a foodie paradise. This city is truly a hidden secret of amazing food in Europe. We had such a great time exploring the city and meeting so many amazing people that...
Beef Tartar @ La Piquette in Cathedral Common Washington DC

Beef Tartar @ La Piquette in Cathedral Common Washington DC

The only french way to start the brunch is with some fancy meat like Beef Tartar from La Piquette a small bistro in Cathedral Common, DC' National Cathedral neighborhood. At the cute place where all waiters speak with a sexy French accent, we are starting our ...
Beignets $5 @ Khyber Pass Pub in Philadelphia

Beignets $5 @ Khyber Pass Pub in Philadelphia

Get sugar high on Sunday brunch travels with Beignets from Khyber Pass Pub, the oldest bar with French cuisine in Old Town Philadelphia. A pub with a French cuisine flare is not something you find every day. Especially that serves some pretty good Beignets for...
French Onion Soup Dumplings $10 @ Continental Bar in Philadelphia

French Onion Soup Dumplings $10 @ Continental Bar in Philadelphia

Its east meets west with a touch of American for lunch with French Onion Soup Dumplings from Continental Martini Bar in Old City, Philadelphia nightlife neighborhood. This sounded so good on the menu that we just had to order this very strange combination. Its...
Large Chocolate Macarons from Paul-Bakery & Cafe

Biggest Macarons We’ve Ever Had @ Paul Bakery

Bigger is always better when you are a dessert size queen like when trying Large Chocolate Macarons from Paul Bakery, one of the top dessert bakeries in Georgetown, DC. Wow I thought we've had macarons before, but after we tried this. The taste and texture is ...
Quiche Lorraine $5 from Paul Bakery & Cafe

Quiche Lorraine $5 @ Paul Bakery

Why travel to France when you can just eat Quiche Lorraine in a heart of Georgetown, DC's main fashion and shopping neighborhood. In words of Agnes from Despicable Me, IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!! So soft and fluffy its like eating a cloud. Comes packed with some nomnom...
Croque Madame $13 from Paul Bakery & Cafe

Croque Madame $13 @ Paul Bakery

Girls over boys when it comes to putting an egg on your Croque Madame sandwich in one of the fancy bakeries in Georgetown, DC neighborhood. Well if you want runny egg on top then we are going Madame. We couldn't pass by and not try their famous Croque Monsieur...