Grilled Squid from Romulo Cafe Manila Philippines

Grilled Squid $14 @ Romulo Cafe in Makati Philippines

Beauty in every bite when exploring upscale Filipino food like Grilled Squid from Romulo Cafe in Makati, a suburb of Manila Philippines. We are continuing our Philippines trip by diving into some weird nomnoms....
Sansrival from Seattle's Best Philippines

Sansrival $3 @ Seattle’s Best in Manila Philippines

Tiny cake with a big taste when you are enjoying Filipino Sansrival dessert from Seattle's Best in Manila Philippines. Just had to try this highly recommended local delicacy in Manila Philippines. Hard to resis...
Sea Salt Caramel from Seattle's Best Philippines

Sea Salt Caramel @ Seattle’s Best in Manila Philippines

Star in every cup when you are enjoying Sea Salt Caramel coffee from Seattle's Best in Manila Philippines. Awww the star looks so happy to see me! Just love exploring different nomnoms available at Seattle's Be...
Banoffee Pie from Starbucks Philippines

Banoffee Pie $3 @ Starbucks in Manila Philippines

Creamy on the outside and bananas on the inside makes for a perfect Banoffee Pie from Starbucks in Manila Philippines. There is a whole bananas inside this tiny little pie and it was like eating creamy banana h...
Maja Blanca from Abe Manila Philippines

Maja Blanca $2 @ Abe in Alabang Town Center Philippines

Exploring some yummy rice based Filipino pudding dessert Maja Blance from Abe an upscale restaurant in Alabang Town Center, Philippines. White wobbly rice block! White ground rice cake cooked in sweet coconut c...
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