Pork Ribs BBQ from Black's Barbecue

Pork Ribs BBQ @ Black’s Barbecue

Its like the taste of home. Not just DC home, but home home back in Eastern Europe. This place has been around for 100 years and dam do they know how to make their BBQ. Its more on smoky side without crazy amount of BBQ sauce which reminded me of ribs I used t...
BBQ Ribs from Pat's

BBQ Ribs @ Pat’s (CLOSED)

Ribs for breakfast? Why not, lets get some famous San Antonio's Eastside BBQ. Those are some ginourmouse ribs. So much soft tender meat that just falls off the bones. They are so big that just a few can fill you up. Covered lightly with some tasty BBQ sauce. i...
Portabello Patty Melt from Zinc Bistro

Portabello Patty Melt $8 @ Zinc Bistro

Time for some San Antonio sandwich noming. It was kind of small and not filling. I was still hungry and ate my friend's fries. Included sautéed lemon spinach, nopalitos, Texas sweet onions and Swiss cheese. ...
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