Order up an assortment of all their dumplings on one plate from brand new noodle and dumpling bar in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. With so many choices, it’s hard to pick just one type of dumplings. So we went right for an assortment of everything they have. Zodiac correctly named comes with dumplings filled with Veggies (green), Pork (red), Beef (fried), and seafood combination of shrimp, scallops, and whitefish (white). Of course, it comes with a sweet dipping sauce. It might just make you want to double-dip. The perfect way to try all their popular offerings in this one combination. Each one is so excellent and unique, and it’s very hard to pick your favorites. Defiantly a big fan of traditional fried dumplings with beef and pork. Something about those simple dumplings we’ve had many times never fails to taste so good. That is a lot of pellets on a plate and really should be shared with friends’ family-style. Though, I won’t blame you if you attempt to eat it all by yourself — a great new addition to one of our favorite neighborhoods right next to Silver Spring Metro Stop.


Zodiac Dumplings $13 @ NaiNai's Silver Spring
4.2NOM Score

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