Unleash the beast of Big G sandwich with 1.5 pounds of corned beef from a unique deli in Bethesda, DC suburb. Dam, that thing is big! I’m a size queen when it comes to food, but dam that is one massive sandwich that even I might not be able to handle. Its never-ending layers of corned beef. It was topped with a tone of coleslaw and 1000 island dressing. Luckily there was so much corned beef that all the extras didn’t draw it out too much. The best way to to get a little bit of coleslaw and lots of corned meat in every bite Bread was crunchy and a bit hard. With such an impressive display of portions, I was expecting crazy flavors. The corned beef was tasty with the delightful flavor combination that left an impression on our taste buds, but at the same time, it didn’t have the wow flavor that the size of it left on us. I didn’t even want to try to bite into that thing and went directly for a knife and a fork. But even with a big knife, it was a kind of hard to cut through all that bread. Defiantly too much food here and ended up turning it into an open sandwich by getting rid of top slices. I want more corned beef goodness in my mouth. Since there is not enough food on this sandwich, it also comes with an excellent order of potato salad. I was only able to finish half of it and ate the rest for the next couple of days. Even though it’s a very expensive sandwich at $25, but it’s so worth it. Look for the specialty sandwiches for The Big G and get ready for crazy sandwich noming.


Holy 1.5 Pound Corned Beef Sandwich @ Heckman's Deli Bethesda
4.8NOM Score

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