10 Dishes Trump’s Tiny Hands Can’t Handle

Are you tired of all the crazy politics and hateful things Trump says? I know that we are and want the Orange Menace to go away. No wonder we turn more to food for comfort. It has been one of the longest elections in America, and then he went to insult DC for not having good food. We are here to help you with a list of 10 dishes that even his tiny hands can’t handle. It might just help you forget all the crazy things he says, and nothing can defeat a food coma. So go forth enjoy and make sure to vote November 8th, find your polling station.

1) Steak Tartar & Fries @ Urban Butcher

You know what taste way better than hate? Some amazing tartar, the bigly seasoned dish like that will take your mind to a whole new level. So much flavor that there is no wall you can build to stop it. Read full review

2) Vadouvin Deviled Eggs @ Dino’s Grotto

Now that’s a dish that is far more powerful in flavor than any angry tweet and hateful speech. Eating may make you immune to all things that are spray tan or wigs. These are by far some of the best things to enjoy during these crazy times. They are not big, but their flavor is far bigger than Trump’s hands. Read full review

3) Haiwain Sampler Plater @ Hula Girl Food Truck

Say hello to a plate of happiness, with different meats seasoned to perfection all different and yet go so well together. One giant portion that would keep any hunger voter full for a whole day. After all size does matter. Read full review

4) Mac n Cheese @ Chef Geoff’s

Nothing is more american then mac n cheese. After all we love to over indulge with good and taste things and not the hateful things. Eating this will give you that special super cheesy shield that no words of evil person can penetrate. After all no one can hear in food coma Read full review

5) Unlimited Brunch @ Cava Mezza

No fear or hate can defeat an unlimited Sunday brunch, its full of love and joy. Plus, unlimited makes it so big that even big hands can handle it. Since food will never stop you can just eat those fears into a food coma. Read full review

6) One Pound Beef Burger Patty @ Counter

Dam is that a big patty or you just happy to vote? Sometimes you just need that food coma to forget about all the hate, homophobia and whatever else the orange menace says. Perfect burger to just tune it all out and be ready to vote right on November 8th. Read full review

7) 1.5 Pound Corned Beef Sandwich @ Heckman’s

Dam that is a whole lot of meat, you know who else would be jealous of this size? Yea that small hands orange menace. AFter eating this you will forget about all his hate, stupidity and maybe rest of your day. Food coma guaranteed. Read full review

8) Fetish Mix Drink @ Co Co Sala

Not just a pretty thing, this is one hefty and yet sweet drink. It’s like drinking a dessert, the adult kind. Far more adult than the hateful orange person. One worthy of drinking in celebration of our next female president. Plus, it has so much alcohol it will get you drunk big time. Read full review

9) Chilaquiles Con Chorizo Tapas @ Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

Big nachos is the best way you can stick it to Trump. This upscale Mexican place serves some food and love that brings together everything that is great about America. After all we are all size queens, though for some of us its normal size.
Read full review

10) Shoyu Ramen @ Rens Ramen

When weather gets cold and you are feeling sick ramen makes for a perfect cure. Though, remember you might just be feeling sick because of all the hate you are hearing. With a crazy orange menace we feel like we are sick so a good bowl is just what the doctor ordered. Read full review

Bonus Uniporns Rainhos Cupcake @ Baked and Wired

With such a crazy times we are having 10 is simply not enough so we are giving you this bonus dish, after all you just need the full power of a Unicorn to fight off all that hate. This is a sneak peek preview of our upcoming Nasty Women Dessert Guide. Read full review