All You Can Eat Buffet $40 @ Bacchanal Buffet

The world is my dish. What a great way to enjoy tone of food in Vegas by visiting one of the top buffets on a strip. That is some crazy amount food in there. Anything and everything from American to Asian and Mexican. You got to eat little bit of each dish so you can try everything. There is a lot to try! Love Asian section with super nomnom Shao Mai and Roasted Duck! I went for few more. Not a bif fan of their sushi. Tasted very buffet style dry and bland. All the possible BBQs you could think of. Love the brisket, sausage, chicken and prime rib. Several seafood choices, soups and mini burgers. Other then that I’m a fan! Its a pricy place, all you can eat buffet is $40, so make sure to eat more than you weight.