Tiny little cake of joy is an Apple Cake for Restaurant Week from All Set, seafood place in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city suburb. Now, this is one very excellent dessert. So soft and tender its like they fused apple pie and with creamy layered cake. All this cake goodness is topped with Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Which makes for a great sweet and salty combination. So make sure to have both in every spoonful. Such a tiny little thing that you must enjoy it slowly with small bites so it won’t disappear right away in your mouth. Excellent way to end you Restaurant Week dinner. We hope it becomes part of their regular menu as this is a dessert that we would love to have again.

Restaurant week is one of those exciting events where we get to try and explore the restaurant’s limited time menu. Three course $27 meal includes a choice of appetizer, entrees and of course dessert.

Apple Cake @ All Set for Restaurant Week in Silver Spring
5.0NOM Score

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