Arroz con Pollo from Cafe Puerto Rico San Juan Puerto Rico

Explore Old Town San Juan + Fried Rice Chicken @ Cafe Puerto Rico

A happy dish makes for happy tummies when eating fried rice and chicken Arroz con Pollo dish in Old Town San Juan, Puerto Rico. They sure love their chicken here with so many different ways to prepare it. That is one very bright and yellow dish. It’s not just pretty, but also very nomnom. With the first bite, you will fall in love with the soft and light rice. One of the softest riced we’ve tried. So well seasoned, you might not be able to stop. Not just about the rice, it comes with giant pieces of grilled chicken. The chicken tasted a bit too dry, and if not for the fantastic rice, it would have scored fewer noms. Rice made it all worth it, and we could keep on eating it. Like many dishes in the area, it was cheap for just $12. We got so much food. One of our favorite recipes form the adventures in Puerto Rico.

www.cafepuertorico.com / Yelp / Tripadvisor
Calle O’Donnell, 208 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901