Soul Roll from Urban Bar-B-Que Company

Soul Roll @ Urban Bar-B-Que Company

It has a soul. Deep fried rolls stuffed with meat and cheese. It comes with its very own meat dipping sauce. Sauce made out of meat? How awesome is that. Make sure to share this with a friend or just might gain...
Rabbit Stew from Bistro Du Coin

Rabbit Stew $18 @ Bistro Du Coin

My food went hippity hoppity. Is it evil to eat a super cute animal? lets just not think about it. You get a big and very tender rabbit leg, meat just falls off the bone. Prepared in super creamy mustard sauce ...
French Onion Soup from Bistrot Du Coin

Gratinee Des Halles $8 @ Bistrot Du Coin

In France, french is the way to go. Look at all that cheesy goodness, so much cheese its overflowing. With a nice meat broth and a whole tone of onions. There is more onions then the actually soupy stuff. You h...
Boeuf Facon Bistrot from Bistrot Du Coi

Boeuf Facon Bistrot $19 @ Bistrot Du Coi

Best fries are french. Giant pieces of grilled beef with some veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes, red onions and zucchinis. Served with the side of what could be some of the bets french fries in town. Also com...
Turkish Pizza from Mediterranean Grill

Turkish Pizza @ Mediterranean Grill

Tiny pizza appetizers. That is the most un-pizza looking pizza. Look more like open rolls. Nice little tomato sauce flavor on the inside. Served with a yummy tzatziki cucumber yogurt dip. I can dip anything int...
Swordfish Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Swordfish Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

My food has a sword. Kind of with it was a bit sharper. It was a bit bland and left my tommy wishing for more. Even french fries tasted like nothing was there. ...
Chicken Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Chicken Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

Kabobs goodness. Grilled chicken and grilled veggies on a stick. iOn a stick is always better. Tasted a bit bland and as if something was missing. This dish comes with great seasoned roasted potatoes. That was ...
Bread from Le Pain Quotidien

Bread @ Le Pain Quotidien

French do know their breads. They give a few big pieces of breads while you wait for your food. Love the soft warm white bread. Tasted very much like what I'm used to eating in Europe.
Grill Cobb Salad from Le Pain Quotidien

Grill Cobb Salad @ Le Pain Quotidien

Going green with greens. Got to get our veggies in and this is a great way to do it. So munch veggie green going on in this salad. Comes with spinach leaves, tomatoes, avocado and so much more we can't really t...
Ensalada Del Chef salad from Mi Rancho

Ensalada Del Chef salad @ Mi Rancho

Green is rainbow. Its so colorful. Love the big pieces of avocado mixed with cheese, tomatoes and other veggie goodies. Grilled chicken really hit the spot. So soft and flavorful. www.miranchotexmexrestauran...
Penang Satay from Karma

Penang Satay @ Karma (CLOSED)

karma stick em up! Getting some Indian food in Rio, Gaithersburg. Chicken on a stick is so much better then normal chicken. Love the peanut dipping sauce for satay chicken. It made everything taste so much bett...
Wasabi Mayonnaise from Trader Joe's

Wasabi Mayonnaise @ Trader Joe’s

Wassaub! I didn't know there is such a thing as Wasabi Mayonnaise. Trader Joe's always had some fascinating foodie things. This was great on burgers and hot dogs. Adds a sweet mayo with a kick. So much punch. M...