Bacon Bacon Pizza $20 @ Naked Pizza Reston

Bacon Bacon Pizza $21 @ Naked Pizza in Reston Virginia

Join the dark side, and we have a ton of bacon on our Bacon Bacon Pizzas from a unique Naked Pizza place in Reston Virginia location in the Washington DC metro area. For the love of all that tasty, this is one very bacony pizza. It’s not just any bacon pizza, it’s double the trouble, double the bacon bacon pizza. Get ready for the ultimate cheese with a massive amount of shredded mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, and parmesan. This bacon pizza is a red sauce pizza, but not sure if you can say its red or white sauce in the end, who cares since it’s still all about that great bacon. Plus, it’s about the only thing you can genuinely taste, but no one is complaining. Its one of those dishes that you can quickly eat far too much of, so be careful and pace yourself or bacon pizza food comes surely to win over you. Price varies on what size you picked, and we went for the biggest size 16 inches for $21. They sure know how to make their pizza, pick just a few most popular toppings, and add a whole lot of them. Not often you hear us say, it was just the right amount of bacon. Perfect dish for all the pizza and bacon lovers.