Bacon Lolli from Founding Farmers

Bacon Lollipops Appetizer $9 @ Founding Farmers in Foggy Bottom DC

Order up an ultimate appetizer or even dessert that is Bacon Lollipops from our favorite Founding Farmers restaurants in Foggy Bottom, DC. HOLY GOD OF ALL BACON!!!!!!! This was simply the most amazing dish ever create! You know its good when no one is talks and all you hear are crunchy bacon noises and low moaning sounds of joy. Its one of those unique dishes that bring true flavor tranqulity to every taste bud. Cinnamon brown sugar glazed covered bacon on a stick. Either way it won’t disappoint you and you might just leave happier person. I’m drooling just thinking about theseI don’t understand why you haven’t already ordered it! DO IT NOW! and bring me some too XD.