Bacon-Maple Gelato $7 @ Urban Butcher Down Town Silver Spring

Whaa the Bacon Maple Gelato @ Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring

Bacon tastes bud fun time with this amazing Bacon Maple Gelato dessert from meat masters of Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city like a suburb. BAAAACCCON!!! Can never beat a yummy dessert with bacon and sugary goodness. Look at that awesome sugar sculpture on top, and it’s just so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat, but then we remembered why we here, E Every spoonful will make your taste buds jump with excitement. Such a light and soft flavor it was a perfect way to end our foodie adventure. Softness and maple flavor in every spoonful. Not too sweet, just the right amount to complete your perfect dinner. You might moan, and people will ask, “I’ll have what he is having.” So light and smooth its a perfect way to end your foodie adventure. There is a lot of gelatos there for just $7, too much for one person, but perfect to share with the whole table.