Bahn Mi Burger Tapas $9 @ MASA 14 on U st in DC

Bahn Mi Burger Tapas $9 @ MASA 14 on U Street in Washington DC

Explore the Latin Asian fusion tapas branch with Bahn Mi Burger from Masa 14 bottomless brunch on U St, DC’s foodie neighborhood. Hello, tiny sexy beast of burger goodness! An ultimate fusion dish that brings together Latin, Asian, and American cuisine in one tiny nomnom. The pork was incredibly soft and juicy. I love the citrus aioli. For such a little thing, it has a strong flavor — small bites of goodness. I won’t just come back to order more; I will order about five more.

Make sure to come here for brunch and go with the unlimited course for $25 or $35 with unlimited drinks. Great way to try everything nomnom here, go all out and order up!