Bananacue from Villa Escudero Philippines

Bananacue @ Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero Philippines

You haven’t had a banana when its perfectly combined with BBQ with Filipino take on savory dessert Banacue at Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero Philippines. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana banana-ah-ah!!! Villa Escudero’s Waterfall restaurant is named as one of the must-see places in the Philippines. Take off your shoes, put your feet into a waterfall and enjoy nice cool breathe while noming on all you can eat. Its an experience of a lifetime. I love bananas, but this brought my love to a whole new level. Fried sweet bananas are the best bananas I’ve ever had. Plus its all you can eat, so I couldn’t stop eating them and ate like 8 of them in one go. Careful, they are so sweet that if you eat too many, your flavor buds might be all cray cray for a bit.