BBQ Salmon KitchenCray

BBQ Salmon @ KitchenCray a Food Experience in DC

I went fishing and caught some cray. Kitchen cray ones again deliver something very cray. It’s their take on how fish should be prepared and its with BBQ sauce. That’s an exciting pairing usually don’t find everywhere. Had my doubts this will work, but they proved me wrong and created a very flavorful combination. Just a little bit of sauce so the flavor does not completely overpower. Spinach was very well prepared, soft but not overcooked. They are perfectly combined with garlic mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes combined with BBQ sauce is like combining it with gravy, that good. They got to eat a little bit of everything to enjoy the flavor mix truly. The large dish we got to enjoy during Secret Suppers event with by Dishcrawl DC.

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Disclaimer: featured dish was provided by Dishcrawl