Beef Empanadas from Urban Butcher

Get Crunchy with Empanadas @ Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring

Get ready to be beefy with a Beef Empanadas appetizer from our favorite masters of meat at Urban Butchers in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s suburb. Crunchy empanada stuffed to the max with extra flavorful beef. So much meat there is no empty spot to be found. First, bite and it’s unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Its like beef had brand new undiscovered flavor. You could really taste the gourmet restaurant quality here for a low price. This place is small share plate style, but don’t share this, be greed and eat whole one yourself!!! Served with a nice ass kicking chimichurri dipping sauce. Make sure to pour lots of it inside for an extra kick. Order only comes with one empanada, so we might just have to get a few more.