Bensalem from Taylor Gourmet Bethesda

Bensalem Sandwich $10 @ Taylor Gourmet Bethesda

Hulk hunger wants hulk lunch sandwich! Exploring some nomnom sandwiches in Bethesda Restaurant Row, DC suburban foodie neighborhoods. Was hulk level hungry and went straight for the sandwich with most meat. Three different kinds of meats are the way to satisfy our hunger Genoa Salami, Peppered Ham, and Roasted Pork. It was packed inside with even more roasted tomatoes, sweet provolone, and pepperoncini. That is one thick sandwich, will require for you to unhinge your jaw. Even mouth master like myself had trouble. With so much meaty goodness, the flavor didn’t have much of a punch. Meat overpowered everything else, which is not a bad thing, we do love meat. It just it was kind of bland as if something was missing. Would probably still order this because of all the meat.