All hail the glories International Mac n Cheese Day! Mac n Cheese is one of the greatest culinary creations ever made. Its full of happiness, cheesiness and fatness because we are just too skinny. We are happy to celebrate one of our favorite food days with a list of our most nomnom Mac n Cheese dishes all around DC area. What are your favorite ones?

LBJ Mac n Cheese @ Scion in Down Town Silver Spring

The dreams of every Mac n Cheese love are made of this Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Mac n Cheese from a brand new Scion restaurant in Silver Spring, DC’s city like suburb. Guess who is super excited for brand new Scion location right in Silver Spring. Holy cheesy macaroni, its not just one cheese, but five different blends with lobster, bacon and jalapeno deliciousness.

LBJ Mac n Cheese $19 @ Scion Silver Spring

Bacon Mac n Cheese @ Chef Geoff’s

Its all about that cheese when it comes to Bacon Mac n Cheese from Chef Geoff’s restaurant in Cathedral Heights, DC neighborhood with National Cathedral. Insert all that cheese into my vains! They know a way into my foodie heart aka tummy. Combine my two fav things, bacon and Mac n Cheese and you just might make me make nomnom noises.

Mac n Cheese from Chef-Geoff

Cheezits Mac n Cheese @ CapMac Food Truck

Cheezits invasion of food trucks with Cheezits Mac n Cheese from the amazing CapMac Food Truck, DC’s food on wheals. Talk about cheesy!!! Extra cheese with a surprise of Cheez-it mixed right in it, on it and all around it. Now that is one way to win my Mac n Cheese heart with cheddar, pimento and cheez-it crumble.

Cheezits Mac n Cheese $6 @ CapMac Food Truck

Fried Mac & Cheese Bites @ McFadden’s in Foggy Bottom

Because everything should be fried like these Fried Mac & Cheese Bites from McFadden’s in Foggy Bottom, DC’s night life neighborhood. Whoever came up with this bites idea is AWESOMEST! Yes of course we want our mac and cheese deep fried!!! Love the roasted garlic aioli dipping sauce.

Fried Mac & Cheese Bites from McFadden's

Bacon Mac n Cheese @ Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter/Chinatown

Fansy side mac with Bacon Mac n Cheese from the most romantic chocolate bar Co Co Sala in Chinatown, DC’s diverse food neighborhood. This is one of our most favorite date spot in the city. It comes with chocolate covered bacon!!! Don’t let the small size fool you, its one of the most creamy cheesy Mac n Cheese out there.

Bacon Mac & Cheese from Co Co Sala

Mushroom Truffle Mac n Cheese @ Adega in Down Town Silver Spring

Macking on some cheese in one of our favorite dinner spots in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. You won’t find this Mac & Cheese in every cellar! Its almost too pretty to eat, but only almost and we ate the whole thing. They don’t skim on that cheesy sauce, it was a perfect amount of cheesiness. Just the way we like our Mac & Cheese. Cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Mushroom & Truffle Mac & Cheese @ Adega

Doritos Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken @ Quench in Rockville

Forget Dorito tacos when you have Dorrto Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken best of three worlds from New American Quench restaurant in Rockville, DC suburb. Just overflowing with dorito maccitement!!!! There is a new restaurant in town and we just had to try their famous Mac & Cheese. Gooey cheesiness comes with some yummy Doritos nachos on top. Great combination with nattyboh cheese sauce and orecchiette pasta.

Dorito Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken $12 @ Quench Rockville

Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza @ Mad Fox Brewing in Falls Church

Get your mind and taste buds blown away with Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza from the masters of brewing at Mad Fox Brewing, DC’s Virginia suburb. HOLY Mac n Cheeseeee this is amazing pizza! It combines three of our most favorite things Mac n Cheese, Bacon and pizza. That is one crazy world we have here and Mad Fox is shaping it with their crazy dishes.

Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza $17 @ Mad Fox Brewing Falls Church

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