Blue Crab Fried Rice @ Doi Moi DC

Blue Crab Fried Rice $17 @ Doi Moi on U Street in Washington DC

Get crabbing family-style and share with friends this fried rice from unique Asian tapas and family-style fusion restaurant on U St, DC. This place has a very fluid identity with a mix of tapas and family-style dishes, enough to satisfy every craving you might have. First spoonful and you might see a WOWZY expression on your face. You just get hit by heavenly flavor combination. So well balanced that you can taste both the large lumps of super exquisite blue crab and very flavorful fried rice. A blend made in heaven, or as usually referred to Doi Moi’s kitchen. This is more of a family-style dishes with a large portion that might be too much for even two people to finish. Excellent main course dish, especially after eating something spicy. It’s addicting that you might keep eating even after been stuffed. Someone save me, I can’t stop eating! Maybe just one more spoon? Or maybe five! Let us help you find it on the menu as Khao Phat Puu Blue Crab Fried Rice.