Brunch Braised Meatballs $12 @ Urban Butcher Silver Spring

Love Me Some Brunch Balls @ Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring

We sure love glories meaty balls for Sunday brunch like these Braised Meatballs from one of our favorite meat lover restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city suburb. Very excited for reopening of one of our favorite restaurants that specialize in all meaty things. They know how to start their brunch with some big and juicy very meatballs. We are defiantly big fans of putting big balls in our mouth. You can taste the love of meat from a restaurant that specializes in meaty things. So soft and light, you can taste the high-quality meat and seasoning. Served with red sauce and melted provolone cheese. Not too much red sauce, so you can still taste the meaty goodness of the meatballs, but enough to enjoy some dipping with freshly grilled bread. Ah, all that melted cheesiness hits the spot. I am split on the price, and you only get three balls for $12, they are so big and filling that it’s enough to share with friends. The perfect way to start your Sunday brunch.