Bread Pudding @ Pig & Fish Rehoboth

Bread Pudding + Ice Cream @ Pig & Fish in Rehoboth Maryland

All your bread pudding belongs in our tummies when it’s from the masters of pig and fish while on an adventure in Rehoboth Delaware, the rainbow beach town. First of all, it’s one excellent bread pudding dessert presentation. Second, it could be one of the best bread puddings we’ve ever tried. Not something we order often, but came highly recommended by the waiter, and he was right. Every bite of this bread pudding was just so soft and light that it made our taste buds happy. Tasted like a different kind of bread pudding, with less bread and more pudding, had so much more flavor and texture then what we usually find — topped with lovely and refreshing ice cream and caramel. Great combination of cold and hot to enjoy while on vacation. Shouldn’t a dessert from a place called Pig & Fish include some pig and fish?!