Bulgogi Burger from Kraze Burgers

Bulgogi Burger @ Kraze Burgers Bethesda (CLOSED)

I’m going all gogi for some bulgogi. I think we got the last order in for this limited release burger nomnom. Holy sauce is Sweet Sesame-Soy Sauce! I’m a fan of weird fusion dishes with brand new eye opening take on normal dishes. Defiantly a new take on burgers with rib-eye steak marinated in sweet sesame-soy sauce. Its a perfect mix of burger toppings with nothing overpowering too much. Of course it has the normal toppings like american cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles. They have excellent french fries and I just ate them up and then finished my friends order. If you haven’t you got to stop by this first DC location of South Korean burger chain! They are invading with some crazy delicies burgers.

I think this burger is no longer available as it was limited release. Sorry for making you drool without possibility to try it. I’m just evil like that.