Angus Burger from Concrete Bar New York City

Burgers and Deep Fried PB&J @ Concrete Bar

It’s time for some late-night drinks and amazing Angus Burger from Concrete Bar in New York City. This was the best burger I’ve ever tasted!!! I got to get some burger noming while in New York City Hell’s Kitchen area. The meat patty was the size of my head and had a fantastic flavor. It was cooked to perfection with lots of juices without been too raw. So good that you could eat it with no toppings at all and still rock your taste buds. Comes with a side of thick-cut soft fries. Even though service was prolonged and I ended up getting the order wrong, the burger’s awesomeness made up for everything, and I left as a happy nomster.

Deep Fried PB&J Sandwich $10

OMG, DEEP FRIED PB&J!!!!! Now, that’s the way to deep fry my foodie mind while in New York City Hell’s Kitchen. It one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted. Crunchy deep-fried goodness on the outside and soft sweet peanut butter and jelly filling. A little bit of powder sugar on top. You might need a few extra napkins as it can get messy. Messy good! Sandwich or dessert dumplings? Who cares? Just eat this amazing creation. One order includes four of these amazing things. It’s so good that you might want to eat it all by yourself. Make sure to share or at least try. I know it will be hard. Can someone bring me a few of this back to DC?
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