Burning Love Roll from Sushi Jin Next Door

Sushi is On Fire!!! Burning Love Roll @ Sushi Jin Next Door

My sushi roll is on fire! I mean really, the thing is burning so quick eat it and not burn down the house. My love is burning for you. That is one fun roll, love how they served it with real fire right in a center of heart shape. It’s not just the fire that’s burning, but the spicy salmon, masago and flaming spicy sauce on top. Balanced well with fresh rice, avocado and crab sticks. It becomes a nice mix of very spicy kick with soft light texture. My new favorite order with amazing presentation and flavors. This is a perfect dish you should order on a romantic date. Not the cheapest of the rolls and will set you back $13, but presentation and taste are very much worth it from one of our favorite sushi places.

www.sushijinnextdoor.com / Facebook / Yelp
8555 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910