Calamari Appetizer $12 @ Godfather's Burger Lounge in Belmont California

Its an Appetizer You Can’t Refuse @ Godfather’s Burger Lounge in Belmont California

It’s an appetizer you can’t refuse especially when its Calamari from the Godfather Burger Lounge in the heart of Belmont, San Francisco Bay Area suburb. When you are super hungry you just can’t wait for your burger and must have some food now and this makes for a perfect appetizer. Nice and crispy calamari with that perfectly loud crunch served with some nomnom dipping sources. It was so good that you didn’t even need to dip into two sources it comes with, but you can for that extra flavor. Not a cheap order for $12, but you do get a big portion that is enough to share with few friends while you wait for your burger noming.