California Avenue from Taylor Gourmet? Bethesda

California Ave Sandwich $10 @ Taylor Gourmet? Bethesda

Exploring what California sandwich has to avocado us in Bethesda Restaurant Row, one of DC’s premier foodie neighborhoods. The size is making us crazy and confused, especially when we are hungry nomsters. Nice and long, not as thick as their regular size, but longer. Are we getting more or less? Lets our mouth and tummy decide, depending on who gives up first. This sandwich comes packed with a tone of roasted turkey, avocado, parmesan cheese, and of course, bacon. We are a big fan of the roasted turkey, strong sweet flavor. That strong is like a double edge sword; flavor almost overpowered everything else, which can be a good and bad thing. We like a mix of characters, so with every bite, you get a different flavor experience. Here you can only taste a slight hint of avocado and bacon. Kind of wish for more bacon, love it so much that when it’s absent, the world doesn’t seem right. Unlike many other over dry roasted turkey sandwiches in town, this tasted very soft and fresh. It looked and tasted healthy, not counting bacon, but then again in our book, bacon is the healthiest thing of them all.