Capital Burger from Smash Burger

Capital Burger $7 @ Smash Burger Tyson

Tyson just got a brand new burger place with DC-specific burger, so we just had to try it. You got to test and see if it genuinely showcase what makes us so unique. Loving the price, you get a lot of burger for such a low price — big fan of the brioche bun and tone of cheese. Overall, a pretty good dish, but not sure if it genuinely represents the DC region. More of a laid back kind of a thing with not much crazy going on. Grilled onions, aged swiss, baby arugula, tomatoes, and of course, bacon. I don’t know, and it didn’t have a wow flavor we have come to expect in this burger crazy world. We are known for more crazy things. DC food scene is all about mixing weird things and making your flavor buds explode and sometimes surprised. It’s still a good burger. You won’t be wrong ordering and can’t wait to try more things here. What do you think would make this more DC burger?