Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut $3 @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore

Rule like a Queen with Bacon Donut @ Gypsy Queen Food Truck

All bow down to the queen of all bacon things the Caramel Glazed Bacon Donut for $3 from Gypsy Queen Food Truck in Baltimore, a city not too far from DC. HOLY BACON GODS!!!! Hands down one of our most favorite dishes during Gathering 2013 DC vs. Baltimore Food Trucks Competition. Its bacon on a donut, how can you pass this by! Then covered in super sweet and yummy caramel glaze topped with a whole lot of whipped cream. There was just not enough sugar on this dessert, so they had to add even more. Plus it was topped with large pieces of bacon. I was so excited to try this that it was worth standing in line. Good thing the donut had its separate line that was moving faster than the food line. Everyone just wanted to bite into the donut so much quicker. I would just put my whole face into it. Wish we had them here in DC. It is representing everything awesome about Baltimore trucks.